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Basic Questions on Vitamins & Supplements

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We are very proud to work with Nathalie Batilliot de Celorio, a licensed dietician. She covers all aspects of nutrition including weight loss, cardiac (lowering of cholesterol), weight gain and others but particularly enjoys working with diabetic patients. Please contact me if you would like a consult with her. She is multilingual.

We thought for our first interview with her, we would ask a few basic vitamin questions.

HCR: As a nutritionist, do you feel that even someone who is in good health, with no diseases, should take supplemental vitamins?

Nathalie: It depends a lot on the person’s habits. If they have good health but do not eat correctly or do not eat certain foods then they can be missing some important vitamins. I would discuss with the person more as to what foods they are eating, how they eat it and exercise habits.

HCR: Let’s talk about “B” vitamins. Many people take these. Are they necessary and who should be taking them?

Nathalie: The B vitamins are being absorbed into the intestines but a certain amount of acidity is necessary to fully absorb them. Some people do not have that acidity (older adults, post-bariatric surgery patients). In that case then yes, it is good to eat food fortified with Vitamin B or take a supplement but never more than is needed. Excess in anything is bad! If the person is a heavy alchohol drinker, then more B6. A vegetarian, more B12.

HCR: Is there a lab test or tests that someone can have done to determine what vitamins/minerals they should be taking, or are lacking?

Nathalie: Yes. There are two options, a basic or a complete and results take approximately 1 week.