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Boutique Theatre — Good for the Soul!

Posted in Personal,Recreation by Pam on January 23, 2011

On January 18, 2011, I returned home with a dream of taking off my shoes and flopping on the couch before facing an overload of emails and phone messages. A hot shower and to bed early. But alas! Not to be! I had a ticket to the new Boutique Theater for the presentation of “Celebrity Autobiographies”. Anything past 7:00 pm these days and I do not usually attend. My brain is fried and my attitude as well. I knew it was a sell-out so my thoughts of being a “no-show” were squelched. I couldn’t do that to my friends who were performing. So, off I went grumbling to myself that “I don’t have time for this.”

Carumba! Was I wrong! Upon arriving, the line of folks outside chatting and laughing upped my attitude several notches. “Hmmm, I thought. I should get out more.” Sitting in the very front row I felt pretty special!