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The Reason We Keep Lots of Candles and Matches in Puerto Vallarta In Summer!

Posted in Grandchildren by Pam on May 24, 2010
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Spending quality time with my grandchildren is a high priority for me. Now that low season has rolled around, there are extra hours in the day to do just that! Walks, movies, playtime all add up to my thanking my blessings each day that my grandchildren live a mere 5 blocks from me here in Puerto Vallarta. Nicholas is 5 and Brianda is 2. Nicholas and I are movie buffs and go as often as we can. Taking Brianda is a challenge as her attention span isn’t as long as an entire movie, Disney or not – at least not yet. Nick and I were thrilled when we found out that Wall-E was in town already!

Slyly sneaking around the corner so Brianda could not see us go, Nicholas and I headed to Cinemark for an afternoon of movies and junk food. (I only felt a little bit guilty – but promised (more…)