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New Sleep Study Service opens in Puerto Vallarta

Posted in Press Releases by Pam on March 16, 2011
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Now Banderas Bay has access to certified sleep tests in addition to sleep-related equipment sales and service.

PVSleepWellWe all from time-to-time have trouble sleeping. For some of us, our trouble sleeping has turned into a health-threatening problem. For many people, our sleeping becomes interrupted by snoring, or worse, we stop breathing all together making it difficult to get the rest that is required to function normally day-to-day.

Now, Banderas Bay has its very own in-home Sleep Study Service dedicated to testing for sleep apnea, providing solutions for a better night’s sleep, educating the public and local medical community of the condition, and supplying equipment and repair for people who have sleep apnea, all with the final goal of creating a happier, balanced and well person! (more…)