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Consultations — How and How Much?

Posted in HealthCare Resources,How To's & Advice by Pam on May 24, 2010
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How much does a consult with a physician or specialist cost here? What happens when I see him or her?

The average cost for a physician consult in our area is between 400 and 900 pesos, depending on the specialty if you are seen in his private office. If you see him in an emergency room (on an emergency basis) the cost goes up. (That being said, sometimes physicians out of convenience for the patient will do a consult in a local emergency room, regular charge.) By the way, if he tells you to meet him at a restaurant or a bar, see someone else! (This has been known to happen!). A house or hotel call will run a minimum of 1,000 pesos. But it might be worth it. You might just feel too sick to leave your room. Physicians like to be paid in cash. Many do not accept credit cards for consults. Don’t plan on flipping out your insurance card to the receptionist when it is time to pay because they will just stare at you blankly. (more…)


Medicare Options in Mexico

With all of the talk and press revolving around “Medicare coming to Mexico” I am continually asked my opinion about the issue and what I think.

My answer is sure! I am going to need it soon enough! But right now my focus and priorities are on assisting those people who are here now who have Medicare and what we can do to assist them with medical issues-expenses.

Medicare does not pay for services outside of the United States. That is a given.

It is surprising how many people who have Medicare and a Medicare supplement and are not (more…)