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In Appreciation of What I Don’t Have

Posted in Reflections by Pam on June 14, 2010
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I am so envious of people who can cook. They take a bunch of ingredients, add their special touch and whip up something that, when in your mouth, becomes the equivalent of magic as it dances across the taste buds. When I try, it becomes the equivalent of hell in your mouth as one tries to scrape it off the tongue.  I have many friends who own this talent. Hnoi, Dolores, Nina, Kathy, Liana, Brenda, Seth, Robin and many others. Including my son. I have no clue where he received this gift because it most certainly was not from his parents. His father never even made a pot of coffee. And me, his loving mother raised him pretty much on hot dogs and macaroni and cheese (definitely the kind from a box).

When he was in the first grade, his teacher decided that she would have (more…)