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General HealthCare Information: Insurance Coverage — Inpatient Services

(General HealthCare Information, part 3)

Having insurance for “major medical”, for inpatient services is the one that people especially need to consider and have. True, services here are much less expensive than in the US BUT there is no such thing as free medical care here !

Insurance as a form of payment for inpatient services will only be consider with a MINIMUM of a 24 hour admission.

Upon admission to any private hospital in the area, the patient will be required to put down a deposit. This is like opening a tab at a bar. It doesn’t matter if they have insurance or not. Minimal deposit is 10,000 pesos. If it is an admission to the Intensive Care Unit, a surgery, anything major, then a larger amount will be required. This can be done with a credit card. At (more…)