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Being Conscious of Blessings and Giving Thanks

Posted in Reflections by Pam on November 26, 2010

Though we live outside of the United States, most of us here still celebrate, in one way or another, Thanksgiving. And, as well, at the end of the day, when we are back in our own homes, have kicked off our shoes and put on some loose fitting pants, it is time for a bit of reflection.

This has been an incredible week for me. The Medical Expo far exceeded any and all expectations that I had. With attendance nearly triple of what was expected and the speakers and exhibitors shining like the stars that they are, the culmination of months of organizing and work paid off, tenfold. The pride that I felt for “my” doctors brought about emotions that I didn’t even know that I had for them.

We then moved on to a gathering of friends at the Hacienda Jalisco, high in the mountains of the Sierra Madres above Puerto Vallarta to celebrate Thanksgiving. The air was crisp, the mariachi’s performed their magic and a feast fit for a king was put out for us, all prepared, even down to the pies, by my son. Where in the world this guy learned how to cook is beyond me. It most certainly was not by his mother. He was raised on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and hot dogs. Am I proud of my kids? Damn straight. It truly was the perfect day.

Back at home, with the loosened pants, I realize that I am the lucky one. The blessings that surround me are too numerous to count. I must remember to be in the moment, as much as possible, each and every day and remember these blessings. Not just on Thanksgiving, but all year long.


Kudos to the Hotel Marriott

Posted in Personal,Reflections by Pam on October 31, 2010
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Many of us that live here find it a rare occasion when we are in one of the local hotels unless we are attending some type of large event or visiting friends who are here on vacation.The other morning I had the opportunity to witness what I believe to be some outstanding customer service provided by hotel staff. 

Having a 9:45am meeting at the Hotel Marriott I decided to go early so that I could have some breakfast before the meeting. At 9:00 am, the taxi pulled up in front of the lobby. Before I could gather my stuff, a smiling, sharp looking man opened the door, greeted me and asked if I needed assistance. With a big smile! (more…)

General HealthCare Information: Emergency Services

Having the basic information for how health care services work in the Banderas Bay area is vitally important. HealthCare Resources is more than happy to go over this information with you individually as to how it applies to you and your own personal medical history and needs. With numerous services added over the past year, it is time to update and expand this information.

We’ll present this information on this blog in parts, beginning with (Part 1) Emergency Services. (more…)

In Appreciation of What I Don’t Have

Posted in Reflections by Pam on June 14, 2010
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I am so envious of people who can cook. They take a bunch of ingredients, add their special touch and whip up something that, when in your mouth, becomes the equivalent of magic as it dances across the taste buds. When I try, it becomes the equivalent of hell in your mouth as one tries to scrape it off the tongue.  I have many friends who own this talent. Hnoi, Dolores, Nina, Kathy, Liana, Brenda, Seth, Robin and many others. Including my son. I have no clue where he received this gift because it most certainly was not from his parents. His father never even made a pot of coffee. And me, his loving mother raised him pretty much on hot dogs and macaroni and cheese (definitely the kind from a box).

When he was in the first grade, his teacher decided that she would have (more…)

Thankful Awareness

Posted in Reflections by Pam on June 1, 2010

Last week I met with a dear and lovely woman to discuss some health issues. As our conversation moved along, she revealed to me that her husband passed away last year and a mere two months later, her daughter passed away (from breast cancer). To add to this her daughter and son-in-law had recently (a few years ago) adopted two young children. Amazingly enough, the health issue we were discussing was a broken hand she received while salsa dancing around the Christmas tree during this past holiday season with her grandchildren. Her story has stayed uppermost in my mind since I met with her. I want to wrap my arms around her and tell her she is one of the most inspirational people I have met in a very long time. I am in awe of her. I want to strive to be like her.

The courage and fortitude demonstrated by this woman has brought to me a multitude of thoughts. The main one being gratitude. I have a little book on this subject that has many little (more…)