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My Medical Journey, Part III: The Teeth, Day 2

Posted in Adventures,Reflections by Pam on October 10, 2010
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Dr. Lomeli referred me to who he feels, is a wonderful oral surgeon, so that was good enough for me! I woke up on Saturday morning committed to attending this appointment and arrived a few minutes early. No one at the office! Oh hurray! I was thinking, wow! Maybe I won’t even have to do this today. But my cell phone rang, with the receptionist letting me know that Dr. Oscar was on his way. Damn.

Entering his office, small but very clean, neat and modern-looking equipment (I didn’t see any chisels, hammers or mining equipment anywhere), I attempted to calm myself with some deep breathing exercises. This only made me hyperventilate and become dizzy. Stepping up and settling in to the dental chair I just decided to turn it all over to him. He was quite serious and didn’t seem to get my warped attempt at humor. I must have asked him 20 times if he had spoken with Dr. Lomeli and knew which three teeth (in the back) to remove. So, to re-assure me, he contacted Dr. Lomeli’s staff. I felt better (slightly). The shots began and I am being 100% completely honest when I say it felt like a tiny pinch – didn’t hurt! The process began and I was trembling like someone plugged into ice. He was kind, gentle and loosened up a bit. (Good sign!).



My Medical Journey, Part III: The Teeth

Posted in Adventures,Reflections by Pam on October 5, 2010
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Today I began Part III of my journey. Bariatric surgery in May of 2007 – completed, successful and nearly 150 lbs gone. Hurray! Plastic surgery the following year to fix the left-over skin, successful and complete. Hurray! Now, the teeth.

Over a year ago, I announced to the world that I was going to begin my Dental Journey. I am a big weenie. I never followed through. I made up every excuse I could think of not do it – until a year later, Dr. Octavio Lomeli, the dentist that I work with, came to hunt me down. And he did this in front of my son and a good friend, so I was trapped. I promised him I would show up on an appointed date and time (wondering if perhaps I might be able to contract scurvy or something in order to cancel) – but I am proud of myself. I went to the appointment. And now, it has all begun. (more…)

Dr. Adrian Octavio Lomeli: English-speaking Dentist in Puerto Vallarta

(Banderas News/PVNN)

Fluent in English and French, Dr. Octavio Lomeli is not only one of the most well established and reputable dentists in Puerto Vallarta, but has also taught many of the dental professionals now practicing in the Banderas Bay area. For the last 25 years he has treated locals as well as Americans and Canadians who return to Puerto Vallarta for his outstanding and affordable dental services.


Dr. Octavio Lomeli - English-Speaking Dentist

Dr. Octavio Lomeli - Dental Avant Garde Edif. Media Luna Int. 105, Prisciliano Sanchez #550 • El Pitillal, Puerto Vallarta; Tel: (322) 224-0243


Focusing on dental implants, TMJ dysfunctions and prosthetics, Dr. Lomeli was the founder of the Dental Association in Puerto Vallarta as well as the founder of the Occlusion and Prosthetic Study Group. A graduate of the University of Guadalajara, Dr. Octavio has a long list of post-graduate certifications including Occlusion and Oral Rehab from the Research and Specialization in Oral Rehab Center in Mexico City, Implantology from the Melz Institute in Cuernavaca, and a degree in sciences from the Centro University of Los Altos, where he was later a professor for master degree students.

One of the most common comments we receive from people that see Dr. Lomeli is that he and his staff are not only professional with outstanding state-of-the-art equipment, offering excellent communication of all services being performed, but he’s also a really funny guy! He is well known in the Banderas Bay area for his sense of humor, which goes a long way when you’re sitting in a dental chair!

For further information, price list, or to make your appointment, please contact Pamela Thompson at Info(at) Oh! And don’t forget to ask Dr. Lomeli to sing you a song while you are there! You will be pleasantly surprised!

To learn more about the dentistry services offered by Dr. Lomeli and the team of dental professionals at Dental Avant Garde, please visit