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The Abdominal Journey – four years later

Posted in Personal by Pam on May 7, 2011
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Today, May 7, 2011 marks an important day in my life. Four years ago today, I had bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve) and my life changed, forever. Wow– that is 1,460 days!

Where does the time go? Where did the fat go? Two questions that there are no answers for.

Dr. Armando Joya, my hero

The day that I had the surgery, my life as I had known it for years, changed forever. My body certainly changed. But my mind is what somehow moved to a different level  and I seemed to cross a threshold into another, more clear and fulfilling life.

Many people say (or think) “you did it the easy way”. I hear this from other bariatric patients. The people that say these types of things don’t have a clue as to not only the physical changes and challenges but the work that is done in your head. There are many days that when I look in the mirror and see a “big woman”. (It is still difficult to use the word fat).  I must actually put on a size 5 pair of pants to prove to myself that I am not.