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The Dental Journey Ends, Finally

Posted in Adventures,Personal by Pam on April 12, 2011

It is amazing the habits that we develop to cover up, what we think, are our “ugly spots”. I still find myself keeping my hand over my mouth, especially when I laugh! And laugh now, more freely, I do!

The dental adventure has finally come to an end. It actually came to an end a few weeks ago but as usual, I am behind in blogging about it.

When I look back over the numerous sessions that I had with Dr. Lomeli and his staff, all in all it wasn’t that bad. Of course, there were a couple of times that I thought about running out of his office in tears, hollering obscenities (the day they tried to the do the root canal and the final “fitting” for the new teeth when a nerve was hit and there was not a doubt in my mind that my entire face would explode all over the office.)

But we did it! And damn – I am proud! I not only have an entirely gorgeous set of teeth in my (more…)


Dental Journey — Very Nearly Done!

Posted in Adventures,Personal by Pam on January 1, 2011

The first day of the New Year – hooray!

I am surprised (and very flattered) of how many emails I have received asking why I have not posted some news on my dental journey. I had so many appointments (and challenges) that I sort of figured I just do a summary and update when the entire adventure was over.  I am not quite there – yet – but soon, very soon!

I also pondered whether I should write THE TRUTH or just sort of skim over some of the appointments. If I write the entire truth, it might scare some folks away from embarking on their own dental journeys. But, in the end, honesty is best and if it saves just one person from NOT taking care of their teeth, then the brutal honesty is worth it.

Thinking I was nearly done after an all day appointment with Dr. Lomeli and having him put in all of the temporaries except the front teeth, he was firm in the fact that I needed a root canal, upper back area. This was a few days before Christmas, so my theme was “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”. (more…)

Dental Journey Continues — Trust & Results

Posted in Adventures,Personal by Pam on December 11, 2010

For a couple of weeks now, I have dreaded this date arriving. Up until the very last minute, I tried to come up with some excuse to cancel. This date brought my mega-appointment with Dr. Lomeli to continue the major dental work. But then, early this morning, I told myself “What a weenie you are! Just do it!” (which is something I say to others when it comes time to have a colonoscopy and other fun tasks.)  It’s time for me to stop being a hypocrite! I had a friend on stand-by to bring me home later in the day just in case I had to be brought home horizontally.

Arriving for my appointment, Dr. Lomeli was not in the office yet. Woo-Hoo! I thought. He has had an emergency and I am cancelled. No such luck! He would arrive in a few minutes I was told by his receptionist as she put several drops of something to relax me under my tongue. I had come armed with Valium and several other mind altering aides but she told me they would not be necessary. I put some in my pocket just in case. (more…)

Dental Journey Continues — But with Reprieve

Posted in Adventures,Personal by Pam on November 5, 2010

Yesterday proved to be an enlightening and interesting day as far as my teeth go. As stated in prior articles, I discovered that my bones tend to heal slowly. Thus, a delay in proceeding with the further mouth work.

With the first three teeth pulled and now nearly healed (stitches out!), it was time to learn (fear?) the next step. Lucky for me, Dr. Lomeli is going out of town which gives me (and him I think!) a little breathing space. During my visit with him yesterday, this only involved me opening my mouth, at least for him to look inside, only one time.

He then brought out two “molds”. One was the mold of my teeth from my first visit. Yuck! Uneven, a bit jagged it seemed and embarrassingly ugly. Like something that would be involved with a Halloween mask. Next, he proudly presented what my “new” mouth will look like. Everything is even! The bite came together nicely! Everything was made from wax and I thought “There is no way my teeth can turn out this perfectly.” He assured me that they would and that even my chin will go back to what it is supposed to be like. (I didn’t know it was supposed to be any other way!).

He then informed me that I had some grueling days ahead. “How grueling?” I asked. He said at least two full days in his office, one right after the other. Bridges, root canals (possibly), a couple more teeth pulled – after that it became a blur.

Though I am fearful, I trust him fully and completely. My mouth is in his hands. I was also happy to hear that the blinding migraines that I have will most likely disappear being caused by my teeth, jaws and whatever not fitting together the way that they are supposed to. It seems as well, that when I swallow, it is anatomically incorrect, which also causes problems. He has had me swallow and then immediately stop so he can see where my tongue is (strange but true). He and his staff were obviously amazed at this swallowing manner.

So! I am committed to this. I have come too far to back out now. I will spend some time the next couple of weeks adjusting and preparing mentally for the rest of this. And as I have said in the past, Dr. Lomeli is a well known tenor in the area. I fully expect to have a complete aria presented by the end of this!

My Medical Journey: The Teeth, Update

Posted in Adventures,Reflections by Pam on October 25, 2010

It has been a couple of weeks since I have updated the progress of my dental journey (for those that are interested). I have had numerous emails from folks that say they are bigger dental weenies than I am (I don’t think that is possible!). After the 3 teeth being pulled, I had a bit of a reprieve – for about ten days while things healed. Besides, it takes some time before the stitches can come out. Really painful? Not really. Sore and uncomfortable? Definitely. I returned to Dr. Oscar (oral surgeon) who told me there are areas that are not completely healed (in order to take the next step, which I have no idea what will be – I prefer not to know!). Another reprieve! The truth is, I am ready to move on so I can get all of this over with. It turns out due to my lack of hormones, my bones take longer to heal. One of the bones where a molar was pulled is taking its own sweet time healing. So another few days of waiting along with twice daily swishes of tepid water, salt and baking soda. (Yuck). I check in with Dr. Lomeli every few days. I am afraid that he thinks I have gone AWOL and not wanting to continue my journey, which is definitely not the case! So, for now, it’s a bit of a waiting game!

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