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Malecon Metamorphosis

Posted in Personal,Reflections by Pam on May 18, 2011

One day it was there – the next day it was being taken apart. The “Jungle Drums” are beating wildly about the Malecon. Rumors, chismes, scuttlebutt and opinions galore are the talk of the town.

I personally find, one of the best articles (in English) that has been written can be seen here: Valid points and thoughts to ponder. It is now a wait and see situation – and if in fact, the end results are like the projected drawings, hurray! And Bravo Sylvie!

Is it going to be an eyesore, an inconvenience over the next few months? You bet! We will have to find other places to take our runs, our strolls, our sunset watching in the meantime.

No, I am not a business owner on the Malecon. I feel for them at this time, especially as we move in to the low season.

A large part of this falls under the heading of  “politics”. I am a gringa. I do not enter, I do not comment, I do not participate in politics here. I don’t want to and as well, I shouldn’t!

I am a gringa and I love Puerto Vallarta! This is my home. Until I pass from this paradise to heaven (I hope!) I will live here and watch my “half-Mexican” grandkids grow up and prosper here, in the country of their birth.

Who are we, as non-Mexicans, to try and tell our Mexican friends, neighbors and families how to do things? I say, support them, in any way that we can, whether they are “yea” or “nay” for the new Malecon.

Why don’t we, the non-Mexicans who are here (and we are many!), come up with some creative ways to assist economically, even in very small ways.  If that means trudging through some construction to get to a business affected by the changes going on, then let’s trudge! My thoughts had been running in this direction BEFORE the Malecon changes – how can we give some of our business to those affected by the low season? In any part of the city? I have a few ideas – how about you?


The Abdominal Journey – four years later

Posted in Personal by Pam on May 7, 2011
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Today, May 7, 2011 marks an important day in my life. Four years ago today, I had bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve) and my life changed, forever. Wow– that is 1,460 days!

Where does the time go? Where did the fat go? Two questions that there are no answers for.

Dr. Armando Joya, my hero

The day that I had the surgery, my life as I had known it for years, changed forever. My body certainly changed. But my mind is what somehow moved to a different level  and I seemed to cross a threshold into another, more clear and fulfilling life.

Many people say (or think) “you did it the easy way”. I hear this from other bariatric patients. The people that say these types of things don’t have a clue as to not only the physical changes and challenges but the work that is done in your head. There are many days that when I look in the mirror and see a “big woman”. (It is still difficult to use the word fat).  I must actually put on a size 5 pair of pants to prove to myself that I am not.


Vallarta We Know and Love

Posted in Personal by Pam on April 30, 2011

Apart from the “low season” creeping up on us here in Puerto Vallarta, we are all being “economically challenged” due to a vast amount of negative press in the United States and Canada.

Bravo to the responsible journalist who posted this: “State Department Travel Warning Does Not Include Puerto Vallarta.”

Puerto Vallarta is not on the list of places to avoid in Mexico!

And a recent article in one of my favorite magazines: “Mexico Travel Safety.”

Recently, a vivacious and energetic group of locals spent several of their Sundays preparing, practicing and planning for a “flashmob” performance to be held in downtown Puerto Vallarta. And a surprise it was for many tourists and residents as approximately 600 folks broke out into their performance! You can see it here on Youtube.  Check it out!

Another wonderful video on the brilliant colors of Vallarta can be seen here:

This is the Puerto Vallarta that we know and love!

The Dental Journey Ends, Finally

Posted in Adventures,Personal by Pam on April 12, 2011

It is amazing the habits that we develop to cover up, what we think, are our “ugly spots”. I still find myself keeping my hand over my mouth, especially when I laugh! And laugh now, more freely, I do!

The dental adventure has finally come to an end. It actually came to an end a few weeks ago but as usual, I am behind in blogging about it.

When I look back over the numerous sessions that I had with Dr. Lomeli and his staff, all in all it wasn’t that bad. Of course, there were a couple of times that I thought about running out of his office in tears, hollering obscenities (the day they tried to the do the root canal and the final “fitting” for the new teeth when a nerve was hit and there was not a doubt in my mind that my entire face would explode all over the office.)

But we did it! And damn – I am proud! I not only have an entirely gorgeous set of teeth in my (more…)

Social Diseases — Stress & Viruses … Just say NO!

Posted in How To's & Advice,Personal,Reflections by Pam on February 14, 2011

Today, I was in numerous physicians’ offices and waiting rooms. The hacking, snorting, clearing of throats, sneezing and the cacophony of noses being blown was quite a concert. These sounds I have heard repeatedly at various events over the past few weeks. Seems to be more this year than in years past. Why is that? It is important to make clear that I am most definitely not a physician. I turn to the physicians that we work with for their expertise, on a daily basis. But I do have a few observations that we thought to pass on to people.

  • If you are sick, please stay home and take care of yourself. I promise you, the party will go on without you. There will be a lot of people at the event that you were planning to attend be very grateful to you. How many of us have been at an event recently and been greeted by someone who gives us a hug and a kiss (with good intentions) and then, while wiping their runny nose on a dirty, wadded up Kleenex, launch in to an account of how sick they have been recently?
  • Is there some type of contest going on somewhere in the area that will award a prize to the person who participates in the most events? And then to take it even further, complain the most about how busy they are? As far as I know, there is no charity patrol that twists arms causing someone to say YES to each and every party, fundraiser, open house and social function. While searching for some volunteers last month, I was thrilled to hear someone say to me “I am sorry but the answer is NO. I just can’t take anything else on.” Bravo!
  • I kid you not when I say in the past month, we have received four different requests for a therapist because the person “cannot handle the stress of having so many things going on in their lives.” And I do not mean major and truly significant things. I mean being over-involved in social activities.
  • When I meet with newcomers to the area, we, of course, discuss healthcare. But the conversation eventually leads to things to become involved with in the area. And isn’t it great that there is such a variety? But the advice I usually give is to choose one or two that interest you, that you are passionate about and ease your way into them. If you join in too many from the start, you will begin to hear a sucking sound. That is the vortex that causes burn out way too soon!
  • This social frenzy seriously wears down the immune system. People get sick. They go out socially, pass it around to others who’s immune systems are down and the cycle continues.
  • Be very careful when taking a medication recommended by the friend of your friend’s co-worker. We have seen way too many drug reactions and “backfires” lately. All because “so and so” said it sure worked for her!
  • A lot of what is going around (cold symptoms) is viral. It must just run its course and only the symptoms can be treated. If you have a fever for more than 48 hours, then it is time to seek medical assistance.
  • It is not too late to receive a flu vaccine (this is a personal choice of course). We have an overstock!
  • Siestas are truly wonderful things!

Some of the above is “tongue in cheek”. Some is not. IMHO, embrace the craziness of the high season and the flurry of activities. But proceed with a healthy caution. Take a rest now and then. Take a time out. Block out a day and stay in your jammies all day and read a book or watch movies. Or my favorite as my grandmother used to say:

“Sometimes I sit and think. Sometimes I just sit.”

And we really are here should you need a physician, for reasons large or small.


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