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New Life Mexico — Olympic-sized Pride & Gratitude

Posted in Charity,New Life Mexico by Pam on May 22, 2012

I could not summarize the information or put together the photographs as well as Jono Vernon Powell did with his blog post regarding his sister and New Life Mexico. Please do read through it because it is super!

I can only summarize about Philippa on this side of the world, here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. (And this is the first time I have ever written about New Life Mexico and-or Philippa without her stamp of approval on it and going over the words with a fine-toothed comb) – so, this is a big risk I am taking here!

New Life Mexico and Philippa do not make loud noises here in the area. There are no giant fundraisers, ticket sales, gala functions with big ticket items. Diligent and consistent work goes on daily throughout the various colonias, whether it might be a session on hand-washing to increasing a young boys self-esteem by playing in a basketball tournament among a myriad of other activities that New Life Mexico sponsors. Touching a child’s life in a positive manner doesn’t really need big fanfare or hoopla. Philippa and her very small staff just DO IT.

Does that mean they have all necessary funds to run all of the programs? Certainly not! They (NLM) is a small, struggling charity on a continual search for sponsors but in “their” own way, following to the letter the rules of a British charity.

Philippa is probably my BFF but that doesn’t mean we always agree on everything. I am always floored when she makes a receipt for a donation of two pencils. But, as she has explained to me at least 500 times, “we are a British charity and this is required.” Every single tube of toothpaste, backpack, toothbrush, comb – anything and everything is receipted by her. The bookkeeping, record keeping and the like are absolutely beyond impeccable.

I sincerely believe that some of the local “charities” here could and should take a great lesson from the Brits in regards to how they run charitable organizations.

By being chosen to carry the Olympic torch in the UK, representing the connection between Mexico and England was something that, of course, was an extreme honor but as well, so very important, has brought attention and awareness to New Life Mexico, both here in Puerto Vallarta, in England and hopefully, beyond!

We tip our sombrero’s to Philippa, New Life Mexico, the New Life Mexico board of directors, Philippa’s family and friends in England! We are so very proud of you!

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