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Posted in Charity,New Life Mexico by Pam on August 22, 2011

As most of you know, one of the charities that I am very proud to participate in, is New Life Mexico ( The past nine years, New Life Mexico was focused on the Street Boys Center and did amazing things for these boys focusing on health and education. The Street Boys Center continues, successfully, under the direction of DIF (local social services) and New Life Mexico is taking a bit of a different direction at this time.

New Life Mexico is now moving their field work out in to the community to the areas where the children are the most vulnerable to drugs and crime. Beginning September 2011, they will be providing “Community Kids Clubs” known in Spanish as “Chidongongo”, one morning per week in six extremely low income “colonias”. These will address general issues with the children ranging from morals and values, communication, crafts, ecology and health issues. The clubs will operate from 9:30 am until to 12 noon, In addition, they will begin in October, once rainy season has come to an end as well as a “Community Sports Club”. This will begin as a basketball school which will be held twice per week in six colonias. The colonias have been selected as areas with a high number of working kids and kids at risk in danger of becoming the “next Street Kids”, gang members, drug dealers.

This will be an approximate total of 600 children participating.

For further, more detailed information on the work that New Life Mexico does, please contact Philippa Vernon-Powell ( She as well, can send you their most recent newsletter.

The main reason for my email to you, apart from announcing the new direction of New Life Mexico, is to request various physical item donations. Many of you will be returning to the area soon and perhaps you can tuck a few of these items in your suitcases. They are not large & don’t weigh much. As well, many are widely available here in the area at the 25 peso stores.

Items needed include: scissors, glue sticks, tissue paper, coloring books, notebooks, colored paper, markers, colored pencils, crayolas, stencils, craft supplies/projects, paint, paintbrushes, beads, sequins, board games (in Spanish), chalk, white T-shirts (aged 9-14), stickers, basketballs, whistles, nets, sports bags, water bottles, backpacks, pencil cases/boxes, erasers, sharpeners, geometry sets, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste.

Planning Ahead for Christmas

Yes – it seems like a long ways off but it will be here before we know it! We are hoping to provide a small Christmas Posada for each group with each child receiving two tamales & 2 mandarin oranges (cost total for this is 8 pesos each). In order to provide this, we are looking for 12 sponsors to pay for these (one sponsor for each group) which would be 800 pesos per group. (12 groups in total). As well, we hope to have a very small gift item for each child (an approximate 20 peso item) to include any of the following: bag of marbles, spinning tops, playing cards, key ring, hair accessory, kids nail polish, bracelet, necklace, hairbrush/comb, or any other item you feel the kids would like. These are extremely inexpensive items but can bring some joy to a very poor child’s Christmas!

By October, we will have specific drop of locations throughout the area so that you can conveniently leave the items for us to pick up – or we can make arrangements for pick up as well. Perhaps if you are a local business, condo association, etc you might join together as a “group effort”. The price for the above items is quite low and by joining in together as a group, even lower!

I look forward to hearing from you! I have always been extremely proud of my involvement with New Life Mexico. The work that they do here locally is so very important! As well, a charity that is completely transparent, open and upfront. (I am always amazed that Philippa will make a receipt for a pencil!).

I also insisted that Philippa have a New Life Mexico Facebook page. She is still learning, but she’ll get there. In the meantime, please see their page and “like”!




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