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Ringing Endorsement for HCRPV & PV’s Healthcare Professionals

Posted in Doctors,HealthCare Resources by Pam on June 9, 2011
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I am very proud, and humbled by this letter that was sent to Banderas News. It is a shining example of the type of caring medical professionals that we have here in the Vallarta area. We work as a team, this is not just about HealthCare Resources.

This is also another example of a person taking responsibility for their health care! These folks were note-takers, question-askers, researchers and communicators. The process moved quickly and smoothly because of their great participation and search for the correct answers. To say I am humbled is an understatement.

Yvonne Lefebvre – Brampton Ontario, Canada
June 8, 2011
My husband and I have been coming to Puerto Vallarta for over 30 years. We started with one week a year and now we stay 3 months. Of course we are getting away from the Canadian winter, but more than that we have fallen in love with Puerto Vallarta and it’s ambiance.This year, we had an unexpected health crisis arise while in Puerto Vallarta. Over the years I had taken notice of Pamela Thompson and admired the work she was doing, so in January I attended a workshop and casually met Pamela.

Within 2 weeks I was calling her for an appointment for my husband regarding an ear problem. Within a few days Pamela had made an appointment with Dr. Diaz Nuñez and so began our journey through the health system in Puerto Vallarta… we were referred to oncologist and surgeon Dr. Daniel Velasco.

We had a 6 week period of investigative procedures that included CT scans, biopsies and surgical removal of lymph nodes, along with bloodwork and Xrays. We had day surgery at Medasist Hospital. Never have we felt such true compassion and support in a time of a medical crisis.

Pamela is a true angel who was supportive and always thinking ahead for us … arranging for records to be translated … communicating with insurance company, and our family doctor in Canada, and setting up appointments with doctors in Puerto Vallarta. Pamela was always there to give encouragement and a hug when needed. Pamela will always be a part of our life.

We would like to thank Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Dr. Diaz Nuñez for his expertise and quick action in referring us to oncologist and surgeon Dr. Daniel Velasco. Dr. Diaz Nuñez showed us great compassion and support.

We thank Dr. Velasco for his expertise, his knowledge and his kind and companionate manner. His medical knowledge and the workup given to Frank was acknowledged by an oncology team here in Canada as top notch.

Dr. Velasco always took time and explained my husbands diagnosis to us so that we were informed and prepared for the rest of this medical treatment. We will never forget him and will always remember his philosophy on life. I think we have found a true friend for life.

Also I must mention the personnel at DIV, each person from the receptionist to the technicians, and a special thanks to Luis and to Dr. Rodriguez, the radiologist who kindly hugged me when we had good news from my husband’s CT scan.

The staff at Medasist Hospital, who were always smiling and ready to help with questions, etc. Thanks to Edgar at the front desk. Also the nurses in emergency department thank-you and thanks to the always cheery cleaning lady who so kindly let me know that my husband had returned from surgery. Also thanks to Xray techs and lab personnel.I must say that we originally thought we should return home but, with Pamela and the doctors support, we stayed and had our workup done. Upon return to Canada, we took all the labwork, Xrays and specimens to our doctor and he was very impressed with the excellent workup that we received in Puerto Vallarta. This greatly expedited the process here in Ontario.

Nobody wants to get sick away from home. But to have experienced the medical system in Puerto Vallarta with the help of Pamela Thompson and the medical team we had, we could not have been in better hands anywhere else in the world.

No words can express how grateful we are to have been treated so well. Next year we will have a Fiesta with our new friends to give thanks for a great life.


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  1. jcoake said,

    Kudos to Pamela and Health Care Resources for the effort given to provide help to people that come to Puerto Vallarta with no knowledge of how to get proper health care. For years Pamela has helped us with our medical needs by referring us to great doctors which we use every year from our primary doctor Drs. Lewgot to our ear doctor Dr. Nunez and ever our dentist Drs. Laura. We would have been lost without Pamela’s dedicated desire to assist the lost gringos. Thank you very much.

    • Pamela said,

      Thank you John!

  2. Sharon Baughman-White said,

    A well deserved letter. Imagine all the other people that have been helped who did not take the time to express their feelings and gratitude in writing. Bottom line, if you are guided correctly by HCR you will be exceptionally well cared for here in PV if ill.

  3. Pamela said,

    Thanks Sharon. As I said, this is truly a team effort and can’t be done without the fantastic physicians we have here!

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