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Newsletter — June 2011

Posted in HealthCare Resources,Newsletter by Pam on May 27, 2011

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HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta

June 2011 Newsletter

This is going to be a long newsletter. Settle in, get comfortable and please read through the entire newsletter and then send on questions, comments, ideas and reservations!

After attempting to clean up my email base, I have (hopefully) sort of been able to separate out those that are in the Banderas Bay area year round. I am floored at how many people are here during the summer months! Woo-Hoo! For this reason, HealthCare Resources will continue throughout most of the summer with clinics, a few speakers programs and as well, a lot of fun stuff!


I am thrilled to announce the PLUS Card Summer Special! You already know about the PLUS Card – well now you can receive all of the benefits of the card for use during the summer (now through October) and get the card for only $200 Pesos!

The PLUS Card program offers so many benefits and discounts including:

  • English-speaking assistance during doctor’s appointments
  • Guidance through the insurance, Medicare or Veteran Services maze
  • Compilation of medical records
  • Select discounts on physician consultations and in-patient services
  • Insurance paperwork/Reimbursement Preparation
  • Free and discounted seminars from local or international experts ensuring that you are educated on the latest technology, trends and procedures
  • Select discounts on lab and diagnostic services

Please e-mail if you are interested. Please also include how many cards you would like to purchase and if you prefer to pay in cash or via a secure on-line transaction where you can use a credit or debit card.

Upcoming Clinics

All clinics are by appointment only via HealthCare Resources

June 21, 2011

Women’s Health Clinic

Includes Pap smear, consult, pelvic exam. Bi-lingual female OB/GYN.

Cost: 775 pesos (700 pesos PLUS members)

(Additional bone density scan 600 pesos)

June 24, 2011

Hearing Exam

Our Ear, Nose and Throat physician in conjunction with an audiologist coming from the United States with her equipment will conduct hearing exams. Note: This is different from our regular Ear Clinics (where he checks and cleans your ears).

Cost: 250 pesos

June 29, 2011

Mammogram Clinic

Includes digital mammogram, ultrasound (if necessary) and manual exam.

Cost: 920 pesos (820 pesos PLUS members)

June 30, 2011

Eye Clinic

Complete eye check and vision exam.

Cost: 400 pesos (325 pesos PLUS members)

July 5, 2011

“Breakfast with a Plastic Surgeon”

This is a no charge event where you can have a chat over breakfast with a bi-lingual plastic surgeon. Bring your questions about Botox, fillers, tummy tuck, breast implants, the works!

Location: Hospital Medasist – 4th floor

Time: 9am


Men’s Complete Check Up

Women’s Complete Check Up


Summer Special! Cardiac Check Up!

Sign up with a friend, partner, spouse – anyone! Come together and receive a 30% discount on the package for both of you!


HealthCare Resources Emmanuel Gonzales has closed his lab in San Pancho due to unforeseen circumstances. BUT, the new lab is now open in Bucerias! “Medical Diagnostic Lab” offers complete lab services along with some radiology services.

Address: Av. Heroe de Nacozari #50 in Bucerias.

End of Life Presentation/Panel: The June 22 presentation is completely full with 100 people. We have scheduled a second presentation for July 5, 2011 at 6:30 pm. If you would like to attend, there are still spaces available BUT YOU MUST RESERVE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We will have a panel including a wide variety of physicians, attorney, notary to cover medical and legal issues surrounding what happens when someone (foreigner) passes away in the area.


February 6, 2012 – “Medical Matters” at the Hotel Marriott. Last year’s event was beyond belief! It was held in November, so many folks were not back for the “season”. This no-charge, day-long event presents the best of the best in health care services in the area. This year, Sharp Hospital (San Diego) will be one of our biggest sponsors, bringing in top-notch professionals to speak on various topics. Much more information out soon – but mark your calendars now!

Keeping in the Loop! is the best way to keep up to date on anything and everything going on in the Banderas Bay.

You can subscribe to my blog and receive “instant updates”.

**Fun Summer Stuff”**

Are you looking for some things to do this summer? We are creating an email list for folks that would like to participate in some summer activities. Please send me an email if you would like to be on this email list! They will include (but of course not limited to as I’m open to your ideas and suggestions!):

  • Monday movies at Los Mangos Library
  • Ceramic Painting (so much fun and you DO NOT need to be creative – I’m sure not) at Los Mercados “Fireworks”.
  • Weekly “let’s go to the movies together and cool off”.
  • Day trips to San Sebastian
  • Book sharing
  • Round table discussions on various topics (send your ideas!)
  • Day trips – boat tours? Horseback riding? Mayto?
  • Craft group(s)/Workshops – maybe you’d like to teach one? How about preparing for Christmas now?
  • Perhaps you live in the Northern Banderas Bay – would you like to “host” some type of gathering out your way?
  • Let’s make cupcakes!

One that I am very excited about is one that can give back to the community in the low season. Do you have a favorite “Comida Corrida” place? Every other week, gather with friends for an inexpensive lunch – and support local small businesses! Please contact me with suggestions and further details.

L.O.C.A. – Join in with other women as Sylvie plans and coordinates some special “treks” around the Banderas Bay. These are becoming very popular! From hiking to snorkeling to kayaking. As described by a recent participant: “Insane fun!” Please email me and I will make sure you receive updates!

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club: They are in full swing! If gardening is your thing and you’d like to give back to the community, please contact Gary Beck

Upcoming speakers this summer:

  • Complimentary Medicine
  • Summer Skin Care
  • Tropical Medicine – Ugh! What IS that bug? What is that stuff growing on my walls?
  • I Want to Volunteer! What should I know?
  • How do I Get Through the Insurance Maze?

So – there you have it! I look forward to hearing from you! Summer is a special time here in the Banderas Bay area. Too hot to move too fast. Relax. Stay well hydrated. Eat healthy (as much as possible). Take care of yourself.

Remember that we are here to assist you in any way that we can. If you have a medical emergency or situation, please contact me as soon as possible. If it is all “after the fact”, it is not always easy to help! As well, contact us for referrals to physicians, lab work, diagnostic testing that you might need. We are very proud of our physicians!

Here’s to a healthy, happy summer!


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  1. doris stackhouse said,

    i would like to get a bone density test before i go back to the states. does medicist hosp provide this test? how much is it and could i get in on monday the 6th in the am. will i get the results right away? i am leaving the next dayaround noon for the airport.

    thanks for your help

  2. Pamela said,

    Thank you for your request! Easy to get a bone scan here – I am emaling you separately. Regards, Pamela

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