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The Abdominal Journey – four years later

Posted in Personal by Pam on May 7, 2011
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Today, May 7, 2011 marks an important day in my life. Four years ago today, I had bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve) and my life changed, forever. Wow– that is 1,460 days!

Where does the time go? Where did the fat go? Two questions that there are no answers for.

Dr. Armando Joya, my hero

The day that I had the surgery, my life as I had known it for years, changed forever. My body certainly changed. But my mind is what somehow moved to a different level  and I seemed to cross a threshold into another, more clear and fulfilling life.

Many people say (or think) “you did it the easy way”. I hear this from other bariatric patients. The people that say these types of things don’t have a clue as to not only the physical changes and challenges but the work that is done in your head. There are many days that when I look in the mirror and see a “big woman”. (It is still difficult to use the word fat).  I must actually put on a size 5 pair of pants to prove to myself that I am not.

My friends and family know that I do eat! Just not a large meal at one sitting (unless I want to make myself miserably sick – been there, done that, not fun!). I just spread the food out over hours and hours. Grazing like a cow (but not looking like one.)

Can I gain the weight back? Of course. There is no magic cure! The rules, though a bit relaxed from four years ago, still apply. Don’t eat a ton of garbage. Exercise. Drink lots of water.

Dr. Miguel Saldaña “put me back together again”

My hero, after all these years later, is still Dr. Armando Joya. I’d like to say he is a magician but in reality, he isn’t. He is though, a true professional and expert in bariatric surgery (along with other gastric surgeries and laproscopic surgeries.) And following Dr. Joya two years later, Dr. Miguel Saldaña (plastic surgeon) who sort of “put me back together again” by removing the drapes of skin on my abdomen and giving me a bustline and cleavage.

Yes – there are a lot of “I’s” and “me’s” in this brief blurb. But damn – I am proud of myself and the physicians as well. I must toot all of our horns!

Bariatric surgery is a very personal decision. It’s not for everyone – nor is it a “cure”. But I, for one, am glad I made the decision. I’m worth it!

I know many here didn’t know me in my “larger” days. Take a look here: At the bottom of the page you will see a little slide show. I think you can figure out the before and after’s!


8 Responses to 'The Abdominal Journey – four years later'

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  1. Lynn Lane said,

    Great job by you and your doctors. I have visited Dr. Joya for a problem I had a couple years ago. He is a wonderful doctor. Very caring and experienced.

  2. Linda said,

    Congratulations for making the lifestyle change and keeping off the weight. You do so much good for others in many ways. Knowledge is power.

  3. Sandra said,

    Amazing difference, Pam. No wonder you feel great, both physically and mentally. One question: Dr. Saldana did your abdomen….what about your upper arms and thighs…extra skin and muscle tone?

    • Pamela said,

      Sandra – I have been very lucky – not too much “sagging skin” on the thighs. Upper arms, yes but I have learned to “wave like royalty” (ha) and besides, my grandkids love to play with it. Really, it isn’t too bad. Muscle tone is good – and I must be blessed with good genes as my skin tone is good too!
      Maybe a neck and face lift is in my future…..still considering it!

      • June Borgmann said,

        Congratulations Pam. What a great & wonderful achievement. I believe that the courage & dedication to being/staying where you are is to be applauded. Keep up the good work & BE HAPPY!

        By the way, if & when you decide to have face/neck work, who would you use?

        Warmest regards,


        • Pamela said,

          Thank you June. I appreciate your comments – IF and WHEN I decide to do the face-neck – OF COURSE it will be Dr. Saldaña!!!!

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    • Lynn Lane said,

      Congratulations again. You are a great example for others. Glad that you are feeling great. And thanks for all the help in Medical & Dental.
      best regards,
      Lynn Lane

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