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Vallarta We Know and Love

Posted in Personal by Pam on April 30, 2011

Apart from the “low season” creeping up on us here in Puerto Vallarta, we are all being “economically challenged” due to a vast amount of negative press in the United States and Canada.

Bravo to the responsible journalist who posted this: “State Department Travel Warning Does Not Include Puerto Vallarta.”

Puerto Vallarta is not on the list of places to avoid in Mexico!

And a recent article in one of my favorite magazines: “Mexico Travel Safety.”

Recently, a vivacious and energetic group of locals spent several of their Sundays preparing, practicing and planning for a “flashmob” performance to be held in downtown Puerto Vallarta. And a surprise it was for many tourists and residents as approximately 600 folks broke out into their performance! You can see it here on Youtube.  Check it out!

Another wonderful video on the brilliant colors of Vallarta can be seen here:

This is the Puerto Vallarta that we know and love!


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  1. SJDinA2 said,

    Thanks for the good words and the great link to the FlashMob, Pam.Vallarta couldn’t have been lovelier when we were there two months ago. Lots of good people, fine dining, and great street food! We had a fine breakfast at the Med Asiste Hospital Cafe!
    We will be back as soon as possible and encourage everyone to go, go, GO to Vallarta. Your gentle merchants and restauranteurs are waiting with open arms and you get great value for your dollars spent. And the struggling people there can really use our help.

  2. Tim said,

    Thanks Pam for posting the Flash Mob dance it was an amazing experience

  3. John Coake said,

    Thanks once again. We really appreciate you sending these. We’ve been back in the states for two weeks and are ready to come home to PV. Unfortunatly it will have to wait until September.

  4. Vallartina said,

    Vallarta is definitely on the “places to go!” list! I love living here!

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