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The Dental Journey Ends, Finally

Posted in Adventures,Personal by Pam on April 12, 2011

It is amazing the habits that we develop to cover up, what we think, are our “ugly spots”. I still find myself keeping my hand over my mouth, especially when I laugh! And laugh now, more freely, I do!

The dental adventure has finally come to an end. It actually came to an end a few weeks ago but as usual, I am behind in blogging about it.

When I look back over the numerous sessions that I had with Dr. Lomeli and his staff, all in all it wasn’t that bad. Of course, there were a couple of times that I thought about running out of his office in tears, hollering obscenities (the day they tried to the do the root canal and the final “fitting” for the new teeth when a nerve was hit and there was not a doubt in my mind that my entire face would explode all over the office.)

But we did it! And damn – I am proud! I not only have an entirely gorgeous set of teeth in my mouth, but I actually have a semi-new chin and an entire new “bite”. I no longer grind my teeth at night and wake up with a headache in the morning.

Dr. Lomeli not only spent an enormous amount of time with my actual mouth, he spent time teaching me as he went. I now understand (sort of!) the anatomy of the jaw, where nerves are and why things happen. For example, yesterday when he took out the last bridge to place the “permanent” bridge, I began to have a throbbing pain in the back of my jaw (which of course, I told him about in no uncertain terms!). He immediately fetched his “teaching skull” and pointed to where the pain would be travelling to in a few minutes, which I’ll be damned – it did (a point in the middle of my chin). All to do with the nerve system in the mouth. It passed quickly (thank you for the meds) – he placed the final crown-bridge and WAH-LAH! Finished! My good friend “la diabla” (mirror) was put in front of my face and our grueling sessions together all became worthwhile. My new friends (teeth) are now here for me to love and care for. Hugs and smiles all around as I had write my name in blood to Dr. Lomeli that I would be back in three months for a cleaning and check up.

My new toy (water pik) and I are still attempting to become pals. As I opened the package, put the items together, filled the space with water, I looked at the end of the water pik and pressed start. Bad idea. The water came out so fast it blew my contact out of my eye – landing it on the mirror in front of me! Aha! I learned not to press the little start button until AFTER placing it in my mouth. Live and learn! (It also makes a great plant watering device for those hard to reach places and as well, to blow grout out of the sink).

My grandkids still can’t figure out why I can’t take my teeth out and chase them around.

I am so proud of myself. And so grateful to Dr. Lomeli and his staff. They put up with my endless questions, my fears and my tears. My embarrassment over not taking care of my teeth over the past 25+ years was not ridiculed.

Hmmmm….I wonder what kind of anatomical journey I can embark on next?


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  1. Estelle said,

    Pam, congratulations you brave girl! Can’t wait to see your new smile. Of course Dr Octavio has our undying devotion as well. He’s so wonderful, he makes going to the dentist almost a pleasure.

  2. Lynn Lane said,

    Glad it all worked out for you. He sounds like a wonderful dentist. My husband and I will be moving our dental care to a dentist in Vallarta this summer. Fortunately don’t believe we need a lot of work just normal maintenance. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. It certainly helps to educate us about dental care in Vallarta.

    • Pamela said,

      He does regular stuff as well!

  3. Andrea Scott said,

    Okay I am ready to go back to the dentist!! I think I maybe able to bury those childhood fears of past visits to the dentist. My goal is to keep my teeth. My Mother is over 90 and has beautiful teeth. So, now no excuses. Pamela you are an inspiration.

  4. Pamela Thompson said,

    Andrea – I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Lomeli!

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