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A Few Healthcare Tidbits

Posted in HealthCare Resources,Newsletter by Pam on February 2, 2011
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HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta
Februrary 2011 PRE-Newsletter

With the whirl and swirl of so many activities this past month, HealthCare Resources is behind in getting the February newsletter out. Soon! In the meantime, here are a few little bits and pieces that we hope you find helpful.

INSURANCE: A REMINDER! Insurance is NEVER accepted for any type of outpatient services, whether it be a diagnostic test, emergency room visit, physician consult or medication purchase. Insurance is ONLY accepted for inpatient services and normally there must be more than a 24 hour stay. Many folks would be surprised to know that they can be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses though, by their insurance company – and even Medicare supplement policies.

FLU VACCINES: We are overstocked! It is not too late to receive a flu vaccine. Contact us for a discounted price!

PRESCRIPTIONS: You must now have a prescription from a physician to obtain antibiotics! Be sure and make a copy before you purchase the medications as the pharmacist will keep it. You will need the prescription for medication directions and as well, for submission to insurance company.

PHYSICIANS: Please do not expect to receive a quick reply to an email to your physician! They are very busy and are not on top of emails as many of us are. For questions, best to make a follow up consult. In most cases, the physician will not charge you – or only do a minimal charge.

EMERGENCY SERVICES: Do you know how to say your address/location in Spanish? If not, learn now! Keep it close to your phone. Know the closest cross street as well.

PHYSICIAN CONSULTS: Take your list of questions and symptoms along with a medication list when you go to see your physician here. And remember, English is your physician’s second language and though, they may be bi-lingual, if you start speaking very fast, you might lose them!

LAB WORK/DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES: Many people on vacation here still need to have certain labwork performed while away from “home”. It is easy! We are happy to set that up for you and as well, send your physician the lab results and translation if needed.

HEALTHCARE DIRECTIVES: Remember that your healthcare directive (end of life decisions, etc) are not recognized as legal documents here. It is important to 1) establish yourself with a personal physician and 2) register with your consulate.

Stay healthy and feel free to contact us with any healthcare questions-needs!


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  1. These all are important factors for health-care. That is important to know about this. This is going good information about that. Thanks for these facts.

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