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New State-of-the-Art Men’s Clinic Opens in PV

Posted in Clinics,HealthCare Resources,Men's Health,Press Releases by Pam on January 23, 2011
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HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – As the population of Banderas Bay increases, our area’s needs for advanced healthcare and technology also increases. Just because we live in a tropical paradise does not mean that we need to compromise our healthcare services and that our clinics cannot be on the same level as clinics in the US and Canada. With the opening of Anku, the men of Banderas Bay now have another option for state-of-the art healthcare. Anku brings together the top-level specialists in urology, nutrition, psychology, dentistry, plastic surgery, cardiology and internal medicine under one roof for all of men’s healthcare needs.

Anku - Men's Health ClinicBecause we live in a time of constant motion and change, the image of man is changing … and Anku is part of this change. Anku is defined as “man in constant evolution.” They selected this word as the name for their clinic because people today realize they can no longer ignore their health and simply cannot wait to seek help until the disease has progressed or complications arise. Anku proposes a different definition of what it means to “going to the doctor.” Here you will find professionalism, trust and discretion in a friendly and comfortable environment, specially designed for the needs of man.

“What prompted me to create Anku was the understanding that we live in a time of change and challenges,” stated Dr. Pedro Lopez Cueto, Founder of Anku. “Our primary challenge is to define a new concept of health in which it is not a matter of just treating the consequences of the problems and the lifestyle, but of being proactive and treating the whole individual, including lifestyle. Anku is a part of the new definition of health: helping the patient achieve a lifestyle change and a healthier future.”

To learn more about Anku, the public is also invited to a FREE open house on Tuesday, February 8 from 5pm – 8pm. Representatives from each of the seven specialties will be on hand guiding personal tours, giving away valuable coupons and answering your questions. Anku is located at Ecuador 1494, just east of the Sports Complex across the street from the Sheraton Hotel. Call 225-1183 or 222-6171 if you have any questions. The clinic is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm and on Saturdays 8am to 5pm. They are closed on Sundays.


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  1. corinne said,

    Aside from in-hospital treatments, it would be great if there was some way that people could just get medical evaluations outside of the industry since there are apparently a lot of individuals out there who don’t think all people should have equal treatment and the same right to health care.

    It would be awesome if there was some kind of online application that people could use that offered free prognoses that were automatically generated online. People could just take an online quiz where they fill in certain information and an automated response detailing what medication or device works best to alleviate their pain or discomfort could pop up.

    There’s already a similar app:

    but it does free business branding concepts instead.

    That’s all most doctors or physicians do anyhow – is just look symptoms up in a book. So an automated online application could just do the work for them and save people the trip and money.

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