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Dental Journey — Very Nearly Done!

Posted in Adventures,Personal by Pam on January 1, 2011

The first day of the New Year – hooray!

I am surprised (and very flattered) of how many emails I have received asking why I have not posted some news on my dental journey. I had so many appointments (and challenges) that I sort of figured I just do a summary and update when the entire adventure was over.  I am not quite there – yet – but soon, very soon!

I also pondered whether I should write THE TRUTH or just sort of skim over some of the appointments. If I write the entire truth, it might scare some folks away from embarking on their own dental journeys. But, in the end, honesty is best and if it saves just one person from NOT taking care of their teeth, then the brutal honesty is worth it.

Thinking I was nearly done after an all day appointment with Dr. Lomeli and having him put in all of the temporaries except the front teeth, he was firm in the fact that I needed a root canal, upper back area. This was a few days before Christmas, so my theme was “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”.

Another appointment made with his root canal specialist, Dr. Juan. After a couple of days spent looking in the mirror at my “new” teeth (still not believing the change) I entered his office and met with Dr. Juan. This man has a very quiet demeanor, sweet and what a gentle touch. Two shots, three shots, a few more but still, every time he attempted to begin the actual work, it hurt. He softly explained “Ok, let’s try one more shot right in the area and that should do it.” Well, it didn’t. The moment the needle started to go in, I thought I someone had shoved a hot knife into my mouth. I screamed. I cried. I shook. It was the first time tears flowed since the beginning of my journey. The entire staff was surrounding me, calming me and could not have been nicer. I didn’t care. I wanted out of there. I had not felt pain like that since giving childbirth to an extra large baby, naturally. No way was anyone going to touch my mouth – ever again! And poor Dr. Juan, apologizing all over the place when in reality, he was just doing his best, doing his job. This was MY OWN FAULT for letting this rotten tooth stay in my mouth for over two years. Well, ok then, the tooth needs to be pulled.

In two days. I showed up for the next appointment ready to bolt. I knew that I could not withstand the type of pain that I had a couple of days before. I promise, said the dentist, it is NOT going to hurt. Ha! Yeah right! No way! With much trepidation, I climbed in to the chair that now, I am sure, has permanent damage from my sitting in it and beating on it. And guess what? He was right! I kid you not when I say there was not a pinch, not even a tinge of pain. The worse thing was hearing the crack and yank – and it was out! This somehow caused me to feel nearly high as a kite I was so happy! Hugs and kisses all around. I DID IT! WE DID IT!

So, now it is onward to another session next week to finish up the work. Though for New Years Day I do not have a completely new set of teeth in my mouth, we are so very close, and nearly there.


Any discomfort now? A bit. This is due to my new “bite” and the jaw muscles (which obviously I use all the time from non-stop talking!) are getting used to their new use!

I am still considering if I will post when this is all over, the “before” photos. It is humiliating. But what the heck. I’ve bared everything else publically, so why not this. We shall see.

And closing with a great story. Speaking with my 8 year old grandson (who is well aware of my bariatric surgery, my plastic surgery and now my teeth adventure)….he says:

“Grandma, are you going to be able to take your teeth out at night and put them in a glass?” (his minds was thinking dentures).

“No Nicholas. They are permanently in my mouth. I can’t take them out.”

After he thought about it a bit, he says in all innocence: “Oh, like your boobies, right?”

Happy New Year to one and all. Now, make that dental appointment!


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  1. Estelle said,

    Pam, congrats again. You looked marvelous the other day. And bravo for you for seeing it through. It’s all worth it in the end.

  2. Glee!!! said,

    You are my hero . . . I confess that I still need more work done and am working up to returning to the dentist after my dental surgery in December.

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