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New State-of-the-Art Men’s Clinic Opens in PV

Posted in Clinics,HealthCare Resources,Men's Health,Press Releases by Pam on January 23, 2011
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HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – As the population of Banderas Bay increases, our area’s needs for advanced healthcare and technology also increases. Just because we live in a tropical paradise does not mean that we need to compromise our healthcare services and that our clinics cannot be on the same level as clinics in the US and Canada. With the opening of Anku, the men of Banderas Bay now have another option for state-of-the art healthcare. Anku brings together the top-level specialists in urology, nutrition, psychology, dentistry, plastic surgery, cardiology and internal medicine under one roof for all of men’s healthcare needs. (more…)


Boutique Theatre — Good for the Soul!

Posted in Personal,Recreation by Pam on January 23, 2011

On January 18, 2011, I returned home with a dream of taking off my shoes and flopping on the couch before facing an overload of emails and phone messages. A hot shower and to bed early. But alas! Not to be! I had a ticket to the new Boutique Theater for the presentation of “Celebrity Autobiographies”. Anything past 7:00 pm these days and I do not usually attend. My brain is fried and my attitude as well. I knew it was a sell-out so my thoughts of being a “no-show” were squelched. I couldn’t do that to my friends who were performing. So, off I went grumbling to myself that “I don’t have time for this.”

Carumba! Was I wrong! Upon arriving, the line of folks outside chatting and laughing upped my attitude several notches. “Hmmm, I thought. I should get out more.” Sitting in the very front row I felt pretty special!


“Me and My Menopause”

Posted in Events,HealthCare Resources,Menopause,Women by Pam on January 8, 2011

“Me and My Menopause”
January 24, 2011 9:15 am – 12:30 pm

HealthCare Resources is pleased to present an informative, humorous and enlightening program on the “Big M” – Menopause!


  • Dra. Laura Garcia – Gynecologist
  • Dra. Leslie Swindle – Cardiologist
  • Dra. Adi Dominguez – Psychiatrist
  • Lynn Rogers – Therapist

What is menopause and what are the connections between hormones, heart and head?

How can you deal with menopause? How can your family deal with your menopause?

We will cover the above, among loads of other tips & all intermixed with some great humor!

It doesn’t matter if you are pre/peri/post or right smack in the middle of it – if you are a woman – this program is for you!

Dental Journey — Very Nearly Done!

Posted in Adventures,Personal by Pam on January 1, 2011

The first day of the New Year – hooray!

I am surprised (and very flattered) of how many emails I have received asking why I have not posted some news on my dental journey. I had so many appointments (and challenges) that I sort of figured I just do a summary and update when the entire adventure was over.  I am not quite there – yet – but soon, very soon!

I also pondered whether I should write THE TRUTH or just sort of skim over some of the appointments. If I write the entire truth, it might scare some folks away from embarking on their own dental journeys. But, in the end, honesty is best and if it saves just one person from NOT taking care of their teeth, then the brutal honesty is worth it.

Thinking I was nearly done after an all day appointment with Dr. Lomeli and having him put in all of the temporaries except the front teeth, he was firm in the fact that I needed a root canal, upper back area. This was a few days before Christmas, so my theme was “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”. (more…)