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Dental Journey Continues — Trust & Results

Posted in Adventures,Personal by Pam on December 11, 2010

For a couple of weeks now, I have dreaded this date arriving. Up until the very last minute, I tried to come up with some excuse to cancel. This date brought my mega-appointment with Dr. Lomeli to continue the major dental work. But then, early this morning, I told myself “What a weenie you are! Just do it!” (which is something I say to others when it comes time to have a colonoscopy and other fun tasks.)  It’s time for me to stop being a hypocrite! I had a friend on stand-by to bring me home later in the day just in case I had to be brought home horizontally.

Arriving for my appointment, Dr. Lomeli was not in the office yet. Woo-Hoo! I thought. He has had an emergency and I am cancelled. No such luck! He would arrive in a few minutes I was told by his receptionist as she put several drops of something to relax me under my tongue. I had come armed with Valium and several other mind altering aides but she told me they would not be necessary. I put some in my pocket just in case.

In strolls Dr. Lomeli, singing and smiling, very dapper looking. I am beginning to wonder if the man ever has a bad day. If he does, I am sure glad it is never when I am in his chair!

As I settled into the dental chair, he flashed some of my “previous” photos on the screen in front of me. Egads, I thought. He is going to have to pull all of my teeth to fix this mess. And in his jolly way, he proceeded to tell me that I worried too much. That I underestimate myself. That I can do this. And that I just needed to trust him.

So, I did. I trusted him completely and without a doubt.

As he and his assistant spoke back and forth in rapid fire Spanish I began to wonder if they would be offended if I bolted out the door. He began having me bite down on some sort of test paper, over and over and I relaxed a tad. Maybe it was the drops but I doubt it.

Then, the grinding down of my bottom teeth began. Ouch! OK, more novacaine! Each time he would give me a shot, he would insist that I open my eyes and breathe! After what seemed a very long time, it was time to pull two bottom teeth. This is what I had been dreading more than anything else. A few tugs and they were gone! Not too bad!

I can’t explain detail by detail and I doubt anyone is really that interested.

But I can say, with 100% honesty – it was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. Agonizing pain? Not once! Discomfort? Sure, there was some but absolutely nothing that I could not handle, especially when I would relax my body rather than tense up so tight that I was a like a piece of sheet metal.

And the end results are beyond belief. He refused to let me look in a mirror (or, as he calls it the “Diablo”) until he was 100% completely done putting the temporary bridges, etc in. (Exactly what the final product will look like).

As I pressed my nose nearly to the mirror to observe a smile (or at least the bottom one) I have never had, in my entire life I was speechless. I was in shock. I was flabbergasted. I still cannot get over it. I keep looking in the Diablo to make sure it was real. I think Dr. Lomeli almost fainted when I said –  “Can’t we go ahead and do the top now?” Who’d have thought? After five hours of intense work, I was ready for more!

After many hugs and kisses, thank you’s, the scheduling of the next appointment and more looks in the mirror, I walked out of his office on my own. No need for a ride from my friend. I had done it!

My mouth is only a tiny bit sore now. Tylenol does the trick. No need for hallucinogenics.

So – adelante! Let’s get this finished! I want to smile big for the camera on Christmas!


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