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New Life Mexico Christmas Program

Posted in Charity by Pam on November 13, 2010

New Life Mexico, rehabilitation for abused children.

Imagine this. You are a young boy, living on the streets, doing whatever you can to get by. No home. No family. No warm bed to sleep in at night. You don’t know where your next meal will come from. No schooling and perhaps, you don’t even know when your birthday is. Life looks pretty darned bleak.

New Life Mexico is a registered British Charity created to work in conjunction with DIF (the local “social services” department here in Puerto Vallarta) as a safe haven for some of these boys.

Boys at the albergue (shelter) may not live at the Ritz, but it sure beats living on the streets. There is a bed to sleep in, food to quench the growling tummy, medicine if one is ill, and, in most cases, school to attend. The ages range from as small as six up to teens. Clothes and personal items are all donated from generous people with big hearts.

Once more, imagine you are a young boy and it is the holiday time. It has been years, if ever, that you have received a gift. The clothes that you wear are all donated, many used. Last year, we decided it was time that the boys received some gifts, no matter how small. New gifts.

A “wish list” was created by the field director together with the boys, which included Hot Wheels cars, key chains, yo-yo’s, playing cards, action figures and tennis shoes to name a few. The list was fulfilled by kind-hearted folks, and on Christmas Eve, the boys were able to open gifts! For most of us, the list appears fairly small-scale but in reality it was large-scale as each boy received their treasures.

As the holidays approach, we ask that you look inside your heart and participate in this very worthy project.

For the complete list of items needed and further information, please contact


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