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My Medical Journey, Part III: The Teeth, Day 2

Posted in Adventures,Reflections by Pam on October 10, 2010
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Dr. Lomeli referred me to who he feels, is a wonderful oral surgeon, so that was good enough for me! I woke up on Saturday morning committed to attending this appointment and arrived a few minutes early. No one at the office! Oh hurray! I was thinking, wow! Maybe I won’t even have to do this today. But my cell phone rang, with the receptionist letting me know that Dr. Oscar was on his way. Damn.

Entering his office, small but very clean, neat and modern-looking equipment (I didn’t see any chisels, hammers or mining equipment anywhere), I attempted to calm myself with some deep breathing exercises. This only made me hyperventilate and become dizzy. Stepping up and settling in to the dental chair I just decided to turn it all over to him. He was quite serious and didn’t seem to get my warped attempt at humor. I must have asked him 20 times if he had spoken with Dr. Lomeli and knew which three teeth (in the back) to remove. So, to re-assure me, he contacted Dr. Lomeli’s staff. I felt better (slightly). The shots began and I am being 100% completely honest when I say it felt like a tiny pinch – didn’t hurt! The process began and I was trembling like someone plugged into ice. He was kind, gentle and loosened up a bit. (Good sign!).

I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t hurt. It did. But it was not agonizing. I did let out a few yelps and loud groans. He kept asking “are you feeling PRESSURE or are you feeling PAIN”? I kept thinking, what in the hell is the difference? But there is a difference and it was pressure (except for a couple of times). When I said PAIN he injected more novacaine. It was at this point that I was kicking myself for not asking Dra. Swindle (cardiologist) if too much novocaine could cause a heart attack. The sound of the drilling and chipping is far worse than the actual feeling of it.

One hour and 10 minutes later I walked (well, sort of staggered) out of the chair in to the waiting room. There were about 20 eyes looking at me and probably thinking what is wrong with that crazy looking gringa? I had a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics. I had an appointment to return in a week to take out the stitches (I didn’t even know he put any in!) Liquids for two days. Rest.

I looked in the mirror and though I could not feel my head or face at all, my lower lip on the right side was drooping substantially. I though “OMG! I have had a stroke and he didn’t tell me!” (not true – that has all gone away).

The rest of the day and evening were not pleasant. Thank goodness for pain pills and straws and the nearby Oxxo for supplies (cappuchino frappe) and Season 6 of Two and a Half Men. I looked somewhat like Alvin the Chipmunk with mumps on the right side (two teeth pulled from that side).

Twenty-four hours later, still some discomfort but better.

So – my main suggestion to Dr. Oscar is that he have a dental chair that has longer arms as there is nothing really to grab on to and squeeze. His assistant is lucky that he didn’t lose his gonads as he was the closest grabbing point.

To say I am proud of what was accomplished yesterday is an understatement. I have sent Dr. Lomeli several emails telling him this! No pain, no gain! I do have a 10 day reprieve from all of this but again, I am committed so bring it on!


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  1. John Coake said,

    Congradulations Pamela. I have a similar experience to go through with Dra. Laura after we get there next week.

  2. Glee!!! said,

    Oh, Pamela – how brave of you . . . can I ask why you had to have teeth pulled? I so need to get to a dentist but I am so afraid.

  3. Pamela said,

    Glee – this is all part of the repair of not taking care of my teeth. Don’t worry. I am not or am not going to be toothless! Two wisdom teeth and a molar that was not “savable”. All part of the journey! I am telling you – contact me and I will go with you to see Dr. Lomeli.

  4. I found few of website but this website very unique and so many interesting information in here. I have come to know lots from this blog. Looking forward for more.

  5. Gail Mc dow said,

    I. Recently had the great fortune to be referred to Dr. Lomeli by you. He corrected my tmj nightmare and did five crowns . His facility is excellent and so are his other dentists and assistants. Fabulous equipment, caring attitudes and excellent work were amazing. I would recommend anyone to Avant Garde dental and the services of Dr. Lomeli and Dr. Gustavio.

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