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Mini-Newsletter: Great Clinics & Events Coming Soon!

Posted in Clinics,Events,Newsletter by Pam on August 30, 2010

It has been nice receiving emails from folks asking “Why aren’t you posting on your blog?” and “When are you sending out a newsletter?”  It is good to know someone is reading this information!

Big, fat newsletter coming out the middle of September. I have been working closely with our wonderful physicians in preparation for some new and, we hope, innovative clinics and speakers programs.

It’s fairly quiet on the streets around here with school back in session and our “snowbirds” not returning for another couple of months. Maybe it will turn cold and snow early “up north” and people will come back early! We are ready!  September is the time that those of us that are here, should concentrate on preparing for the upcoming high season. I say “should” because flopping on the couch in front of a fan with a good book is so much more appealing!

Teaser of Some New Clinics & Events Coming Soon

Here is a little teaser of some of the new clinics/events we will have available – soon!

  • Ear Clinic/Hearing Clinic,
  • Foot Clinic (how to take care of your tootsies),
  • Chest X-ray Clinic,
  • Bone Clinic

…in addition to our regular Mammogram Clinics, Eye Clinics, Skin Clinics, Mens Health Clinics.

And check this out! We now have a Women’s Health Check Up! 3,401 Pesos includes a complete battery of labwork, abdominal ultrasound, chest x-ray, EKG and physician consult.

Be sure and mark November 22, 2010 on your calendar! This is the day of the Health and Wellness Expo being held at the Hotel Marriott. A complete and very full day (free admission!) that will include healthcare and complimentary services available in the area, some cooking classes and mini-seminars covering a wide variety of topics. Sponsored by the US Consular Agent, Healthcare Resources and the Hotel Marriott. Complete schedule and further details coming soon!

For those of you not in the area at this time, please remember we have a big Wish List for various charities in the area. Perhaps you could tuck a few items in your luggage. Email me for the complete list.

Lots of information, details and surprises – coming soon!


2 Responses to 'Mini-Newsletter: Great Clinics & Events Coming Soon!'

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  1. John Coake said,

    Hope your includintg Dr. Lupita Lewgot in your discussions. She’s a great doctor. Also if you want a good dentist. Highly recommend Dr. Laura.

  2. Cyndi Alpenia said,

    The Health and Wellness Expo is really something to look forward to. This has great potential–many thanks to you Pam, Kelly, and the Marriott for putting this together!

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