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Vallarta Steps Out for Los Mangos Library

Posted in Charity by Pam on June 29, 2010

Who says things are slow, and that there is not much going on in Vallarta at this time of year? Full proof that this is NOT the case was evident on Saturday, June 26th, when a large number of local residents and visitors stepped out to enjoy a fabulous FUNdraising event in support of Puerto Vallarta’s Public Library, Biblioteca Los Mangos.

The event venue was the stunning Villa Leonarda in Gringo Gulch. Owner Sergio Toleando and his staff worked and sweated out the entire day preparing the gorgeous garden area for the arrival of the guests. A separate room with a “tienda” was set up offering various goodies including clothing, jewelry, artwork and books at great prices. Comments of “Wow! Look what I bought!” were heard throughout the crowd.

A wide variety of food was available along with thirst-quenching beverages. Restaurants No Way Jose, Barcelona Tapas and Chilaquiles offered a wide variety of delectable items. The (more…)


General HealthCare Information: Insurance Coverage — Outpatient Services

(General HealthCare Information, part 2)

The bottom line is this: Any and all outpatient services in the Banderas Bay area must be paid out of pocket and turned in for reimbursement. This includes lab work, X-rays, MRI’s, CAT scans, medications, physician consults, physical therapy treatments, ambulance services, mental health consults and anything else that is done on an outpatient basis. As well, this includes Emergency Room visits (with no admission).  It does not matter what kind of insurance that you have, even if it is a five star, top of the line, full coverage insurance.

In order to submit these claims to your insurance company for reimbursement you must have the following information-documents: (more…)

General HealthCare Information: Emergency Services

Having the basic information for how health care services work in the Banderas Bay area is vitally important. HealthCare Resources is more than happy to go over this information with you individually as to how it applies to you and your own personal medical history and needs. With numerous services added over the past year, it is time to update and expand this information.

We’ll present this information on this blog in parts, beginning with (Part 1) Emergency Services. (more…)

HCR PV — June Clinics

Posted in Breast Health,Clinics,HealthCare Resources,Women by Pam on June 19, 2010
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Mammogram Clinic – June 25, 2010

900 pesos – Digital Mammogram with manual exam
Ladies! Important!!!
By appointment only!

Clinica de Mama

25 de Junio 2010
900 pesos
Mujeres! Importante!
Digital y examen manual – Cita

In Appreciation of What I Don’t Have

Posted in Reflections by Pam on June 14, 2010
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I am so envious of people who can cook. They take a bunch of ingredients, add their special touch and whip up something that, when in your mouth, becomes the equivalent of magic as it dances across the taste buds. When I try, it becomes the equivalent of hell in your mouth as one tries to scrape it off the tongue.  I have many friends who own this talent. Hnoi, Dolores, Nina, Kathy, Liana, Brenda, Seth, Robin and many others. Including my son. I have no clue where he received this gift because it most certainly was not from his parents. His father never even made a pot of coffee. And me, his loving mother raised him pretty much on hot dogs and macaroni and cheese (definitely the kind from a box).

When he was in the first grade, his teacher decided that she would have (more…)

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