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Medicare Options in Mexico

With all of the talk and press revolving around “Medicare coming to Mexico” I am continually asked my opinion about the issue and what I think.

My answer is sure! I am going to need it soon enough! But right now my focus and priorities are on assisting those people who are here now who have Medicare and what we can do to assist them with medical issues-expenses.

Medicare does not pay for services outside of the United States. That is a given.

It is surprising how many people who have Medicare and a Medicare supplement and are not aware that their supplement will reimburse them for emergency medical services. Though it is usually not at 100%, it is most certainly better than nothing.

Another good option should you only have Medicare is a good air evacuation insurance. These types of policies may be purchased for up to one year at a time. Of course, it needs to be a medical emergency and you must be an inpatient in a hospital to be transported. This will take the patient across the border, where once crossed into the US, their Medicare coverage returns.

There are numerous travelers’ insurance policies that can be purchased for short term or long term for people who have Medicare.

The most important point is to know what your options are prior to finding yourself in a hospital in an emergency situation. Always remember that there is no such thing as free medical care in the area and plan accordingly.

We are more than happy to meet with you to go over your options. As well, should you have a Medicare supplement, we can sit down with you, contact your supplemental company and see what benefits you do have available internationally. There are no charges for these services.

Those of you approaching “Medicare age” will soon need to make a decision as to a supplement or what is called “MediGap”. Do your research! A good link to explain your options is:

Please do not hesitate contacting me with any questions. We are more than happy to assist you!

Welcome to our column ASK HEALTHCARE RESOURCES PUERTO VALLARTA in the PVMirror dedicated to answering your personal questions on keeping you happy and healthy in Banderas Bay. Answering your questions is Pamela Thompson, a 17-year resident of Puerto Vallarta, 10 of them in HealthCare. Pamela now leads HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta, a local healthcare resource network. Her years of experience and expertise are available to you by e-mailing your questions to

5 Responses to 'Medicare Options in Mexico'

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  1. Alex said,

    l am most interested in this, please keep us posted with any related news

  2. SigoTratando said,

    Alex: this particular site does not allow for getting email alerts or rss feeds for specific topics. Maybe sometime in the future (when the need becomes obvious), we’ll go for an upgrade that allow for more bells and whistles. Meanwhile, be sure to click the Sign Up button in the sidebar to the right under Email Subscription.

  3. John Matthews said,

    We will be residing in PV this coming Fall, 2011. We plan to live there 6 months or so each year, as we just purchased property. Shortly thereafter, I will be on Medicare. My wife currently has Kaiser insurance, and will retire then too. Through her employer she’ll have her medical/dental paid for about 4 more years until she hits 65. We have considered getting an FM3 and signing up for the IMSS insurance to cover us while we are in Mexico. How much will it cost us? What is your take? Any ideas for us?

    • Pam said,

      I must add that you must live here full time to qualify for IMSS.

  4. Pam said,

    Hi – I am going to send you a private email as this is a very long answer! IMSS is not the best option but most certainly good back up and better than nothing! You must live here full time (with proof of that) to apply for IMSS. A good air evacuation insurance is a very good option. Will be in touch via private email. Thanks!

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